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Affiliate Programs

Interested in becoming an affiliate?

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Affiliate Programs provide you with the best method to increase sales and lead referrals. 

Can you imagine increasing your sales by 10 or 20% each month - without any up front costs?

Affiliate Programs can increase your sales substantially. It is the ultimate, performance based marketing concept - ever, with zero upfront advertising or sales costs, as commissions are paid only after each sale or lead referral is concluded. A true pay per performance program.

R U On The Net is one of the industry leaders in affiliate program management.   We work to build the relationship between the merchant (the e-commerce site) and the webmaster, portal owner, and mailing list manager so everyone has a vested interest in succeeding in the program.

Benefits to a Merchant (a company that sells products or services online):

- Increased traffic and sales,
- Top sales people earning only on commissions,
- Low customer acquisition costs,
- Experienced team managing your affiliate program,
- Instant access to an existing network of producing affiliates.

This style of selling reaches farther than any conventional method.  And employing the power of the web, it produces results and an ROI that cannot be matched any other way.

If you sell products or services, or simply want to attract qualified traffic to your web site, consider adding an affiliate program to your marketing war chest.   Or, if you have an under-performing affiliate program, consider putting R U On The Net to the challenge of "unlocking your potential".

Contact us today, without any obligation, to see what R U On The Net can do for your affiliate marketing program.

R U On The Net works on a pay-for- performance basis, ensuring your interests remain our priority. Our results-oriented approach challenges our creativity and performance so we remain active in exceeding your campaign objectives.

... learn how an affiliate program will unlock your sales - click here.
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