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Affiliate Program Execution

By Key Net Links

Total Program Management
Key Net Links will discuss and agree upon your objectives and commission parameters, while proactively working to optimize every aspect of the program, from strategic planning to regular contact with the affiliates and your marketing department.

Program Set up and Initial Launch
Because the initial introduction is critical for immediate results, Key Net Links ensures that the program starts out on a solid footing. Key Net Links will test, test and re-test each aspect of the program to ensure logistics, logic and satisfaction meet our highest standards. We want affiliates to be excited, motivated and confident in our system, methodology and product awareness.

Creative Service
Key Net Links views every promotion as a key to success. Whether it is banners, storefronts, text links, or emails and newsletters, we will keep our content fresh and timely. We will work directly with your sales and marketing teams to ensure affiliates have the correct information on products, seasonal offers and promotions.

New Affiliate Acquisition
Key Net Links generates a constant flow of targeted programs designed to bring in new, qualified affiliates. We will scour the Internet to identify potential affiliates and work to attract them to our program. Efforts to recruit traditional Internet affiliates will be the major marketing focus.

Affiliate Program Development
Key Net Links properly segments its affiliates into special groups and categories for a targeted approach to enhance relationships and reward the top performing affiliates.

Affiliate Review, Approval and Compliance
R U On The Net understands the importance of protecting our brandsí reputations while advertising our clients' products across the Internet. Key Net Links will manage the acquisition and approval process of the affiliates for each program and monitor their activities for compliance with trademark and copyright materials.

Program Review
Key Net Links will expend extensive resources analyzing every aspect of the program and design a plan to improve results where necessary and to ensure that affiliates are regulated in marketing initiatives (e.g. trademark and copyright laws).

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