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Affiliate Program Overview

R U On The Net will establish and manage an affiliate marketing program (through its Key Net Links division), in collaboration with your company's marketing objectives.

KeyNetLinks.comR U On The Net's affiliate division, Key Net Links, will professionally manage and maintain the operation of your affiliate marketing program including monthly statistics and commission reports, as well as recruit, communicate and motivate the affiliates on your behalf.

Develop and Manage the Program
Key Net Links will install, operate and manage a total Affiliate Program including the set-up and launch of the program using proven, off-the shelf third-party software compatible with all storefronts.

Source New, Productive Partners
Devote extensive time and effort actively searching for, identifying and recruiting affiliates who have the potential to become active, productive partners.

Affiliate Program Development
Use a hands-on, personal and nurturing approach to relationship marketing. This will maximize the performance and satisfaction of valued affiliates, and increase product sales.

Content and Motivation
Provide highly effective content-driven promotions to affiliates. Providing partners with extensive marketing support- as if they were an internal sales force.

Pay Per Performance
RU On The Net operates on a pay-per-performance basis. This includes ongoing commissions, based on a percentage of the revenue generated through this program.

By collaborating with R U On The Net, you will receive more results from your affiliate program at every stage of its evolution - from establishing a strong effective initial offer and recruiting prospective affiliates, to creating highly lucrative, targeted partnerships.

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