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RUOnTheNet R U On The Net is a leader in affiliate marketing & web traffic management.

With over 10 years of internet business experiences, we can help unlock your potential with:

- Qualified Leads.
- Increased Sales.
- Realistic Results.
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Unlock Your Sales

Affiliate Programs provide you with the best method to increase sales and lead referrals.

A  5,  10, even 20% increase in monthly sales is realistic with our enhanced online sales and marketing program.

Instantly access a network of hundreds of sale agents and companies willing to advertise your products and services on a commission-only pay structure. 

RU On The Net operates on a pay-per-performance basis.


"Unlocking your potential will remain our priority."

Quality Leads

Increase your lead flow, and reduce your marketing resources and advertising expenditures.

Let's discover  "who" is coming to your web site, "why" they are there,  and why they leave without any positive action.

Analyzing your web site traffic and flow patterns provide:

   - an instant productivity in sales,
   - efficiency in staff resources,
  - significant savings in operating 
     and marketing costs.



Online Marketing

Through efficient and unique online marketing efforts, we'll direct the right traffic to your web site. People interested in your products and services. 

R U On The Net develops and monitors online marketing programs tailored to your specific industry:

- pay per click campaigns,
- search engine key word strategies,
- web site submissions and
- geo-targeted advertising.


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